Pilates can help you with

correct alignment of the body 
increased flexibility
stronger 'core' muscles 
improved concentration
a firmer and stronger body
enhanced breathing
a sense of enlightenment

Pilates One on One, Presence Through Movement - Jackie Pratley certified pilates teacher and TRE instructor in Parklands, Christchurch

Sessions are performed in a serene, calming environment away from the distractions of everyday life

Bring yourself into presence and discover the mind-body connection.

Become aware of how your body moves during exercise

Release unhealthy habitual patterns that cause stress and pain to the physical body and re-educate the mind to develop healthier functional movements

Jackie Pratley

certified TRE instructor
certified pilates teacher
certified personal trainer

Pilates caters for any age group or fitness level even if you haven't exercised for years

The sessions begin in a slow, controlled and focused manner with the primary focus being on correcting the alignment of the body

The exercises then increase in intensity as we progress at your own discretion...

" It is the mind's subconscious control over

habitual movements which needs to be altered to progress

above and beyond our standard capabilities " - Joseph Pilates

Christchurch location:

Ring to ask about TRE (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises)

Phone (03) 383 3084
Mobile 027 469 7113